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About Us

About Us

Starting to manufacture fasteners to meet the needs of the Internal Market in 1977, Norm Cıvata was moved to its new and modern facility in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone in 1994.

As a result of increasing customer demands and new investments, due to the separation of bolt and nut production from each other in 1996, Norm Somun factory started production on its existing site in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. In addition to İzmir plant which produces in a total area of 20,000 m² with a 10,000 m² closed area, Salihli branch the total factory area of which is 30,000 m² with a 20,000 m² closed area was started as of the second half of 2014. İzmir plant was expanded to a factory area of 30,000 m² with a 15,000 m² closed area thanks to additional parcels and investments made in 2015.

With the investments made, İzmir and Salihli Somun factories have reached a production capacity of 25,000 tons/year.
NORM Somun factories assumed the leadership in the production of lots of similar products such as DIN 985 and DIN 982 Fiber nut, DIN 929, DIN 928 weld nuts, DIN 980/V, DIN EN ISO 7042 and other types of prevailing torque type nuts, DIN 6923, DIN EN ISO 1661 flanged and DIN 6926 DIN EN ISO 1663 flanged fibered nuts, DIN 21670 flanged weld nuts, rivet nuts, DIN 934, DIN 936 hexagon nuts, special weld nuts used in the automotive industry and special bushes once again used in the automotive industry.

NORM Somun serves as the supplier/sub-industry of NORM Cıvata for the most of the automotive companies in Turkey and Europe. Supplying material via NORM Cıvata to direct assembly lines of Fiat-Tofaş, Mercedes Benz Türk, Uzel, Karsan, Otokar, Valeo, BMC, Turkish Traktor, Man Türkiye, Ford Otosan, Oyak Renault in Turkey, VOLVO and SCANIA in Sweden, VW, Audi, Porsche in Germany, PSA in France, NORM Somun, is once again the global supplier of FORD Motor Company, FIAT, Valeo and John Deere companies.

Norm Somun, which has proven its quality and success by quality certificates it obtained and its productions across the world, is now among the giant names of the sector in our country.

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