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R&D in Norm

R&D in Norm consists of the entire activities including the creative work carried out on a systematic basis to increase the know-how of companies within Norm Group and to use that know-how to design new processes, systems and applications, activities that enable environmentally friendly product design and that produce scientific and technological developments in its field, that focuses on scientific and technological uncertainties and the outputs of which is unique, with scientific and technical content.

We produce projects for our future!

Norm Cıvata R&D team has won T.C Science Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Productivity Third Place Award of Large Scale Enterprise R & D Categorie. We are proud to be on the right track with the goal of producing projects for the future of our country.

R&D Target

Being especially high value added products, including patent and utility model potential, our R&D activities aim:
As a solution partner, to serve our customers with our common designer identity and to establish the necessary physical and engineering infrastructure for this purpose, 

To collaborate with universities and R&D institutions to develop high value-added, environmentally sensitive, technological products that can be commercialized and to engage in activities to develop qualified human resources, knowledge and experience for the development of such products 

To make more contribution to the economy of the country by conducting works to manufacture the fasteners which are imported and do not have domestic production.

To increase the ratio of R&D projects which are financially supported such as Tübitak and San-Tez, the scientific content and R&D quality of which are approved, to the total R&D projects.

To reduce unit production costs and to engage in process improvement and/or development activities that will improve our productivity and that will increase our final product quality,

To make our R&D Center is a center of excellence in the design and production of fasteners and to add all fastener users and manufacturers into our customer portfolio with the test and engineering services offered.


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